Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hoptimum (Sierra Nevada)

Good Ol' Hoptimum. Literally this bottle was both good and old. This batch was brewed in 2012 and while normally it's customary to drink an IPA (India Pale Ale) while it's still fresh, this one was left in my basement to sit for awhile (and not on purpose!).

Hoptimum, brewed by Sierra Nevada is a Whole-Cone Imperial IPA that is a whopping 10.4% ABV. What makes this IPA different from the rest is the brewing process in which whole-cone hops are used aka the entire hop. The majority of other IPAs are brewed using hops that have been cut up into smaller pieces. By using whole-cone hops produces a stronger, more robust flavor that is present in the beer.

So how does Hoptimum stack up with the other countless IPAs I drank over the years? Let's find out.

Not only is my shirt Kick-Ass, the beer is too!

Like other IPAs Hoptimum has a very pine-inspired scent associated with it. Its color is that of an amber orangey red. The taste is both strong and memorable.

Bitterness is expected with an IPA and Hoptimum has its fair share of it. Hidden behind the initial explosion of bitterness on your tastebuds is citrus notes, almost like that of a grapefruit. The pine flavor is evident in every sip although I would say it's not as overwhelming as a beer like Heady Topper.
That being said Hoptimum is a great beer, but not as good as my favorite IPA of all time Hopslam. It just doesn't have the smoothness that Hopslam had and the subtle sweetness that made it great. For those who are more of IPA purists though Hoptimum is a dream come true and one of the best IPAs you can buy on the market.
Look for it in stores, it's sold in 4 packs!
Hoptimum was created by the masterminds at Sierra Nevada Brewing and if I made a list of my top five favorite IPAs it would be on there.