Monday, October 29, 2012

Bud Light Platinum

Now I know what you're going to say. Hurricane Sandy has made Phil gone crazy...he's writing a Beer Blog post on Bud Light Platinum!?! Hear me out. Bud Light Platinum is actually a pretty decent beer and at 6.0% ABV and its low price point you can't really go wrong.

The first time I tried Bud Light Platinum was at my Aunt and Uncle's house during the summer. One of my friends was telling me how great it was and how I should give it a I did. I popped open a bottle and was pleasantly surprised with the taste.

As I drank it, I paired it with Doritos, the delicious Taco Dip that my Aunt loves to make and tomatoes topped with fresh Mozzarella. Now these snacks are amazing enough by themselves, but drinking Bud Light Platinum alongside them makes them even better.

This particular offering is something that I've never experienced from a big name brewing company before. It's a light beer that doesn't sacrifice flavor and has you feeling good after only a couple of bottles.

I continue to enjoy Bud Light Platinum with my co-workers on a weekly basis when we catch the newest episode of The Walking Dead every Sunday. One thing is clear; every time I drink it, I like the taste of it even more! Give it a try if you ever see it at a party!

Bud Light Platinum: Phil Spadanuta tested, Phil Spadanuta approved!

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