Monday, February 17, 2014

Big Mel and Lisa

Today I'll be doing something I have never done before in a Beer Blog. I'm going to review a beer that was brewed and given to me by a friend. You won't be able to find this beer in a beer store (yet!). I introduce to you a beer that my friend Mel and his family brewed that they call Big Mel and Lisa.

Besides going out of their way to brew a very tasty beer, Mel and his family even took it a step further by creating their own labels for the growlers they put their beer in. When I first took a look at it I was pleasantly surprised at how profession it looked. If I walked into any beer store and saw a bottle of Big Mel and Lisa on a shelf with the rest of the beers they sold I wouldn't think it was anything out of the ordinary. That's how good the label looks. But onto a more important matter. How was the beer??

Poured into my Bull Frog Brewery pint glass, Big Mel and Lisa had a light brown color to it with a bit of cloudiness and had a generous amount of head.

It's hard for me to exactly pinpoint both the smell and taste of the beer. Sweet and malty, Big Mel and Lisa was a very good beer and one that I could not stop drinking. Everything about it to me just seemed well done and balanced in a way that provided a flavor and sweetness I couldn't get enough of. (I think I might have tasted cinnamon undertones and a hint of fruit as well?)

My friend Erica agreed that it was a great beer. We both had multiple glasses of it throughout the night. One thing's for sure; Mel and his family have brewed a beer that, in my honest opinion as a beer blogger, could butt heads with the beers released by the big name companies. Sam Adams and Blue Moon have nothing on Mel and his family operated brewing company.

Well done Mel, Lisa and family on a beer my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed. I can't wait to try some of your future brews!

Big Mel and Lisa was brewed by my friend Mel and his family in Bay Shore, New York. The ABV was around 8.0% and it was given to me in a 32 oz growler for my review.

Thanks Mel! 

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