Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Founders Mosaic Promise

Founders Brewing has always stood for creativity, especially among themselves and all of the beers they have brewed over the past 17 years. They are never afraid of stepping too far outside of the box and giving us beer lovers something new, inventive and pleasing to our palate. 

Mosaic Promise is the 2014 Founders creation for the annual ArtPrize competition that takes place every year in Grand Rapids Falls, Michigan. Through an exclusive 5 year contract, Founders became the official brewery for the competition and will brew a brand new beer to benefit ArtPrize each year. Every six-pack sold will be used to help fund every future competition and encourage creativity among all the artists that enter.

Founders to me is like an old friend. One of the first true craft beers I have tried was made by Founders (if you're curious it was the Breakfast Stout!) and every time they have something new to share with me, I eagerly get out my pint glass and wait for them to pour.

Whether I have had a rough day, or I'm just enjoying a fun night with some friends, I never hesitate to grab one of my many favorite Founders standbys out of my mini fridge and indulge. There are so many good Founders brews, all of them full of flavor and comforting for me to drink.

Mosaic Promise: Refreshing and Tasty
Mosaic Promise is no exception to that rule and to me tastes like a more refreshing All Day IPA, brewed with a single malt and a single hop. Founders beers always has that pleasant flavor associated with them and they always serve as a reminder of my induction into the world of craft beers.

The art on the label of Mosaic Promise is titled "Ninkasi" and was created by Grand Rapids artists Matt and Elizabeth Kolenda, Adrianne Hollemans and Maria Orr of Kolenda Art Glass originally as a stained glass piece. It was submitted in the 2013 ArtPrize competition and depicts the ancient Sumerian goddess of beer.

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