Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Southampton Uberliner

Last night I got to enjoy my only bottle of Southampton's Uberliner, which I bought at the Russian Imperial Stout release party. It was a very limited release, seeing as only 450 of them were bottled. I can only hope that they decide to brew it again in the near future.

I first tried Uberliner at the release party back in January when it was on tap at Southampton's Publick House. I'll start off by saying Uberliner is a great beer. Classified as an Imperial "Berlin-style" Sour Wheat Ale, even my dad and sister enjoyed it when I made them try it (and these are two people who don't normally like beer).

Uberliner is sweet and fruity. My sister said the taste reminded her of apple juice, while my dad described it as similar to ginger ale. They aren't wrong either. Uberliner is a delicious beer and one that is very easy to drink. As I was enjoying it I almost forgot that I was drinking a beer.

It pours a clear yellow color and didn't have much head. I drank it from my Three Philosopher's glass.

Every sip of Uberliner was just as pleasant as the last. The best way I could think to describe it was a citrusy apple taste. I never wanted to stop drinking it and got through the entire bottle in a little over an hour. I was sad when there was none left.

At 6.0% ABV, Uberliner is a great beer to be enjoyed among friends and family who enjoy their alcoholic beverages on the milder side, but still appreciate a ton of flavor. Unfortunately Uberliner isn't available anywhere to purchase and the supplies of it are very limited. I'm just glad I got to enjoy this one bottle and thankful I got it in the first place.

So if you're reading this Southampton, please bring Uberliner back next year. I'll be waiting in line for it!

 I enjoyed bottle 314 of 450

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