Wednesday, April 25, 2012

St. James Beverage: A great place to buy beer on LI

Beer Blog has solely been about the beers I have been drinking, but what about the places I buy all these delicious beers from? Today I'd like to discuss one of my favorite go-to beer shops: St. James Beverage.

I found out about this hidden gem of a beer store from my friend Tom, when I was asking him about new beer stores to try. So I took the 15 minute drive over there and saw this lovely sign out front.

It was a very nice looking sign, if I do say so myself, but what was even nicer was the inside of St. James Beverage after I set foot in it. Immediately I was greeted with the sight of the growler station.

Shortly after staring at the growler station for a questionable amount of time I was welcome by the owner Martin. He had a friendly smile and asked me if I needed any help finding anything. I was at a loss of words at how many different types of beer he had stocked, so instead of answering him I walked around aimlessly, looking around.

Belgian beers, various Ommegang offerings, Brooklyn brews, and Stone stouts; what more could you ask for? You name it, chances are Martin had it in stock. That shelf alone is only a small amount of the beers he has available. He even had Monk's Sour Flemish Ale, which I first tried in Philadelphia at Monk's Cafe and is one of my favorites.

I'm drooling as I look at this picture

Martin is also very knowledgeable about many different types of beers and always willing to talk to me about them. He's one of the friendliest beer store owners I've ever met and makes sure to tell me when he's getting new fancy, limited beers in to his store. 

Every time I walk into St. James Beverage it's a pleasant experience and I'm always leaving there with a new beer, or should I say beers, to try. Thank you Martin for having a fully stocked and presentable beer store that I can be proud to shop at. Kudos to you! I'll be back there soon enough.

Anyone looking for a new place to buy beers you can't normally get anywhere else need not look any further than St. James Beverage on 25A. Check out St. James Beverage's Facebook page at this link!


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