Friday, April 13, 2012

Samuel Adams The Vixen

Tonight I'm enjoying another one of Sam Adams' single batch beers; The Vixen. Classified as a chocolate chili Bock, The Vixen is a great beer and a real treat for anyone who loves both chocolate beers and Bocks. The combination of malts, cinnamon and other spices, and cocoa nibs balances out perfectly to create a beer that is full of flavor and a pleasure to drink.

Immediately after my first sip I was surprised at how good The Vixen was. I just kept drinking it and didn't want to stop. The chocolate flavor is most noticeable with the malts coming in at a close second. The aftertaste is also very pleasant with a fine mix of spices and chili. Don't be off put by chili and beer in the same sentence; this is a great combination and one that I suggest for everyone who calls themselves a beer fan to indulge in.

Try The Vixen by Samuel Adams. You will be glad you did. Scouts honor!

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