Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lake Ronkonkoma Beverage Beer Raffle - March 30, 2012

Two nights ago Ronkonkoma Beverage held a beer raffle to give all their loyal customers a chance to win the right to buy some of the rare beers they had in their supply. Over the past month they have received shipments of Founder's Curmudgeon's Better Half, Bourbon County Coffee Stout, Bourbon County Bramble Rye and Founder's Kentucky Breakfast Stout.  Needless to say a large number of people showed up (about 30-40 people) and everyone there was excited to have a chance at winning.

From 8 PM to 10 PM people were coming into the store and receiving their 4 raffle tickets from "Big John" the owner's son who was running the event and a personal friend of mine. Displayed on a table for all to see were all the beers that were being raffled with large brown paper bags in front of each.

Everyone with tickets was given the choice to divy them up however they wanted by putting one, some or all their tickets into a bag. 9 bottles of Curmudgeon's Better Half, 2 bottles of Coffee Stout, 10 bottles of Bramble Rye and 16 four-packs of Kentucky Breakfast Stout were on the line. At 10 PM the raffle began.

Big John started it off by thanking everyone who showed up and giving a short heartfelt speech saying how glad he was that the Ronkonkoma Beverage family could hold such an event for all their customers. After that he dove right into the raffle. Everyone lined up with their full attention on Big John and eagerly awaited the first number to be called.

Starting off with Curmudgeon's Better Half, Big John called number after number as happy customers who got their number called went up to Big John and received their prize. Just about everyone there won something, with some people even winning multiple times. Even the people who didn't win anything were still able to pick up any beer of their choice from the store at a 10% discount. Growlers were also available for $2 cheaper.

Tom and I were glad to attend the beer raffle at Ronkonkoma Beverage and we even got lucky and won a few beers. Our friends Chris and Kevin were also in attendance and they won as well! Between the four of us we each walked away with a four-packs of KBS and I also won a bottle of the Bramble Rye; the only beer out of the four that I hadn't tried yet!

 Myself and Tom with our winnings of the night!

I want to thank Lake Ronkonkoma Beverage for providing such a fun and exciting night to us. We got to discuss our favorite craft beers with other beer connoisseurs from Long Island and even sample some new Spider Bite offerings that were on tap at their growler station. Thank you John, John and John for doing this event and I only hope there will be more in the future!

  John Sr. and Big John (behind the counter) were all smiles before the raffle began


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