Sunday, March 25, 2012

Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro

Recently Tom and I picked up a six-pack of Left Hand Brewing Co's Nitro Milk Stout from St. James Beverage. Tom loves milk stouts and couldn't resist when he saw this little beauty sitting there for the taking.

Left Hand Brewing Co. is located in Colorado, so we don't normally see their offerings available around here. Lucky for us Martin at St. James Beverage has connections.

So Tom, myself and his little brother "Little Buddy" each poured one into a pint glass as fast as we could, as suggested by the bottle's labeling to "Pour Hard."

The amount of head when poured hard is ridiculous so we had to wait a few minutes before drinking. The above picture shows the more drinkable condition after waiting.

Right off the bat I was reminded of drinking a Guinness as I indulged in my first sip. There was still a ton of foam between me and the beer, but that's part of what makes Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro great. The beer is extremely creamy and smooth going down.

The taste of Milk Stout Nitro is sweet and reminds me of enjoying an espresso from Starbucks. Both experiences are very enjoyable and I suggest you do both.

If you enjoy the occasional Guinness, try Milk Stout Nitro. It's the superior choice of the two and costs about the same. Even Little Buddy likes it and he doesn't like much.

Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout Nitro; Little Buddy Tested, Little Buddy Approved!

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