Friday, March 2, 2012

Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter (Ballast Point)

Anyone reading this blog knows that I have already done a handful of posts on what beers I enjoy, but maybe it's time to get a new take, from someone other than me, on what beers they feel are worthy of mingling with your taste buds.

Today I will discuss Ballast Point's Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter; a favorite of my good friend Tom D.

Ballast Point Brewing Company, located in San Diego, CA, may not be as well known as other, more popular brewers, but they sure as hell can make one delicious Imperial Porter. Their Coffee Vanilla offering contains a beautiful combination of flavors that will have you taking another sip long before you have even finished with your first.

Tom and I split a bottle last night. Served in my Ommegang goblets, Victory At Sea pours an extremely dark brown color (almost black!) and has a nice frothy head. Think if you were enjoying a nice latte from Starbucks, except that particular latte was highly alcoholic in nature.

Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla comes in at a whopping 10.0% ABV and isn't a light beer in any regard. Splitting a bottle with a friend is more than enough to get you both feeling "nice."

The taste of Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla is out of this world. I applaud the guys over at Ballast for coming up with the perfect balance of rich coffee flavor paired with just the right amount of sweet vanilla. In addition to these great flavors, the coffee smell of the beer makes it even more enjoyable as you are drinking it.

If you're a fan of anything coffee or vanilla flavored, or both, you owe it to yourself to at least try Ballast Point's Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter (that sure is a mouthful).

Look at how much Tom is enjoying it!

Doesn't that face just scream: "Why are you not here enjoying this delicious beer with me?!"

Tom loves Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter and so should you! It is one of his favorite beers and he thinks you should try it...and that's a fact!

Look how happy he is! What are you waiting for? Go out to your nearest beer distributor and go get yourself a bottle!

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