Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Samuel Adams Cinder Bock

Last night I drank a new beer put out by Samuel Adams called Cinder Bock. Part of the newly acclaimed Single Batch series, Cinder Bock was a real treat.

Described as a Rauch Bock, Cinder Bock is both a Rauchbier and a Double Bock. Both of these styles of beer originate from Germany and combining them together into one "super" beer yields delicious results.

The amount of head, when poured into a pint glass, was generous and slightly more than what I would have preferred. After a few minutes of letting the beer sit, the head went down to what you see pictured below.

I then began drinking Cinder Bock and boy was it good.

So many different flavors! The most noticeable however was the delicious smokey taste that was paired with every sip. Even long after I finished the beer the smokey aftertaste stuck with me.

In addition to the smokiness, I also tasted a sweet caramel flavor with hints of toffee. All these flavors combined into one beer make for a delicious and highly drinkable beverage and at 9.4% ABV Cinder Bock will knock you off your feet, just as if the goat on the bottle came alive and ran into you!

Cinder Bock was great and I'll definitely be picking up another bottle in the near future!

 Mmm...Cinder Bock

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