Sunday, February 26, 2012

Southampton's Black Raspberry Lambic

Once upon a time two beer connoisseurs named Thomas and Philip took a morning drive out to Southampton Brewery in...well...Southampton. The brewery was throwing their annual Russian Imperial Stout release party, to which everyone was invited. There were high spirits among both connoisseurs as they drove at a constant, but quick pace towards the wonderful party they were about to attend.

While it's true that they each wanted a bottle of the highly acclaimed Russian Imperial Stout, another beer that was to be at the party had also caught their interest; Black Raspberry Lambic. Neither of them had ever tried a beer that was promised to taste like the delicious fruit, so both their curiosities were piqued.

 A beer that tastes like black raspberries? Preposterous!

As they arrived they were greeted with a long line outside of the Publick House. They went to the end of the line and there they waited. Eagerly everyone in line stood as they all waited for the doors to the Publick House to open. Thomas and Philip saw their good compatriot Jacklyn towards the front of the line. She walked over to them.

"Good morrow gentlemen, terribly cold out isn't it?"
"Why yes it is Jacklyn," Philip replied. "What have you got there?"
"These are little hotties! They keep my hands warm!"
"I see, but these so called hotties aren't even warm!," Thomas exclaimed.
"I know, but they're still fun to have!"

Suddenly some noise came from the front of the line as the doors to the Publick House opened.

"I'll talk to you two later, for now I must reclaim my spot in line!," exclaimed Jacklyn as she ran back to her spot, little hotties in hand and all.

As the line moved Thomas and Philip got even more excited as they got closer and closer to gaining entry into the fabled brewery. After a few minutes they were directly in front of the Publick House.

They held their invitations in hand tightly, with the marked off amounts of beer they wanted to purchase.

Philip decided on one bottle of the Russian Imperial Stout, one of the 15th Anniversary Ale, one of the Uberliner and two of the Black Raspberry Lambic. Sir Thomas marked off his ticket with one Black Raspberry Lambic and two Russian Imperial Stouts; one for himself and one for creepy old Mr. Cooper, who he practiced Alchemy with on a daily basis with little to no success.

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting they finally made it up the steps to the front gate. As they handed their invitations to the gatekeeper of Southampton they were granted passageway to the brewery.

Inside they found all the other guests laughing and joking around with one another as they held their complimentary glasses filled with one of the four beers that were being tried for the first time today. Most glasses were filled with Russian Imperial Stout, as it seemed to be the preferred beer of the day. Other more adventurous guests shared glasses of Uberliner and 15th Anniversary Ale, while all the fruit-lovers in the Publick House were drawn to the Black Raspberry Lambic.

The complimentary glass

Thomas and Philip approached the bar with their glasses in hand. Thomas instantly asked for the Russian Imperial Stout. The bartender returned with his glass, now filled with the very dark liquid. He took a sip and smiled.

He could only utter one word: "Delicious."

Next it was Philip's turn as he handed his glass to the bartender.

"Black Raspberry Lambic, please."

The bartender returned with Philip's glass, a purple liquid now within it. 

Marvin the Jester really wanted some of my Lambic

Philip took a sip of the beer and a rush of flavors overcame him. At first sweet, then quickly shifting to sour and then tart. It was unlike anything he had ever drank before. He took a few minutes to give his taste buds time to recover and then took another sip. 

What a wonderful creation, he thought to himself. He then handed the glass to Thomas.

"Here Tom. You must try some!"

Thomas took the glass and poured some of the purple liquid into his mouth. He had a surprised look of confusion on his face and then quickly took another sip.

"That's some good stuff you got there," said Thomas.

Thomas and Philip then headed to the pub area and ordered some food. They split a plate of chicken wings and sweet potato french fries in addition to each having their own salad.

After they were done eating they each picked up their bottles of beer, five for Philip and three for Thomas, and left the Southampton Brewery.

"That sure was a great party, wasn't it?," said Thomas.
"It sure was Tom, it sure was," replied Philip.



  1. Nicely done article. Nice to read about local breweries.

    1. Thank you Janie! I appreciate any and all feedback! :)