Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blue Point Blueberry with maple blueberry omelette

Today I decided to enjoy one of my old favorites; Blue Point Blueberry.

Back when I first started drinking beer I favored lighter beers. When I first tried Blue Point Blueberry my jaw hit the counter. How could a beer taste so good? I thought to myself. The blueberry flavor isn't overpowering, but just the right amount. The beer itself is light and is a similar color to most big name light beers, such as Bud Light, but this one is something special.

Every time I have a glass of Blue Point Blueberry the carbonation is perfect with just he right amount of head. This beer goes down easy and is a real treat for anyone who is a fan of blueberry flavored items. Today I paired mine with a delicious three egg omelette, which I prepared by mixing maple syrup into the eggs and cooking blueberry maple chicken sausage which I added to it.

God's greatest gift

The end result was amazing. I poured some maple syrup over the final product and enjoyed it out on my patio with a side of a broccoli mushroom cheese dish that was left over from last night.

So good

I loved every minute of this meal and it was even more enjoyable with a glass of Blue Point Blueberry Ale.

The perfect pairing

To anyone who is looking to try some new beers, but is too intimidated by the insanely dark and highly alcoholic ones I'm usually accustomed to writing about on this blog, Blue Point Blueberry Ale is right up your alley. It's light, but still full of a ridiculous amount of flavor! Give it a shot!

I approve of this message!

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