Saturday, February 18, 2012

Disappointing John Harvard's visit

After a 5 hour shift at Friendly's and a quick sushi run at Hoshi Sushi in Stony Brook, Tom and I decided to stop by John Harvard's to grab a few beers and enjoy some half price appetizers. I was in the mood for some delicious Kettle Chips while Tom was craving some Calamari. So we got there and had to wait a short while before we were seated in the pub area.

In the meantime we looked at their current list of beers on tap. They had an impressive offering with Brown Ale, Espresso Stout and Chupacabra just to name a few. They even had Pumpkin Spice, which was weird cause it's February. I ordered a Pumpkin Spice while Tom got an Espresso Stout.

 Mmm Pumpkin Spice

Not even a second after paying the bartender our buzzer went off and we were seated. Now here's where the story turns for the worse. We sit down and Tom makes a comment about how the menus look all new and snazzy. My first thought is cool they redid their menus. Shit was I wrong to think that. Yes the menus were redone...but I didn't know that they would also be changed. Fuck.

As I searched desperately for Kettle Chips on the Appetizer menu Tom said the eight words that I never wanted to hear out of anyone's mouth ever: "It look's like they don't have it anymore."

Shitfuckmonkeyballs was I upset. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I kept staring at the menu hoping that Kettle Chips would reappear in the empty space on the bottom under the newly established Popcorn Shrimp. No such luck.

I thought to myself maybe they still have it, but it's just not on the menu? So once our waitress came over I asked her: "Why aren't Kettle Chips on the menu? Do you guys still serve them?" Which she replied to my horror: "No, a corporate decision was made to take them off the menu."

Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? She told us we weren't the first people to ask about them and that she also thinks it was a really dumb idea for them to do that considering how much people loved them.

RIP Kettle Chips - We had a lot of good times together

Just about every time I've been to John Harvard's with friends I've shared a plate of Kettle Chips with them. Every person who I've introduced to Kettle Chips has loved their delicious combination of melted cheese, crunchy chips, scallions, bacon bits and sour cream. Sadly these will never be enjoyed by anyone ever again thanks to a stupid fucking corporate decision. Oh John Harvard' you have stabbed one of your loyal fans in the back.

That pretty much ruined the whole John Harvard's experience for me last night. But there's still a happy end to this story. Tom got his Calamari and I had a delicious triple stacked Chicken Quesadilla (one of the new menu items) plus we got to enjoy some tasty beer. Oh and our server was cute.

I'll go back to John Harvard's for future visits definitely, but I will never truly be happy until Kettle Chips are back on the menu again. I'm writing to you corporate assholes!

That is all.

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