Thursday, March 22, 2012

Founder's Porter

Continuing in my St. Patrick's Day escapades, I'd like to introduce to you the other beer I enjoyed that night after having Dogfish Head's World Wide Stout:

Founder's Porter. Printed right on the bottle are three words that can more than accurately describe Porter; dark, rich and sexy. There's even a beautiful woman on the label to entice you even more, that is if you weren't convinced to begin with.

Porter is another dark beer of Founders, but this one is surprisingly less alcoholic than most of their other offerings and stands at 6.5% ABV. Don't let that dissuade you however. Even though Porter has about half the alcoholic content of other Founder's beers, it still has just as much flavor, if not more.

I poured it into the same Blue Moon glass I used when drinking Dogfish Head World Wide Stout (don't worry I rinsed it first!). The beer had a beautiful black body and a small amount of head.

Porter smells of roasted malt and coffee. It tastes even better than it smells. The entire time I was drinking I couldn't help thinking I was enjoying a nice espresso except in beer form. With intense coffee and chocolate flavor Porter is one of those beers I could drink for days without getting tired of.

I continued my quest to defeat the computer controlled characters in Mario Party 9 with this little bottle by my side. My hate for Shy Guy only increased and even though I kept losing to him my desire to win only grew larger. I kept playing until I succeeded and I showed that little mask wearing asshole what's what!

Have a glass of Founder's Porter on me! It's a very good beer and a great motivator when it comes to unfair A.I. in video games!

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