Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rogue Double Chocolate Stout

A few nights ago I got to enjoy a bottle of Rogue Ales Valentines Day release; Double Chocolate Stout. Tom picked up a bottle of this a couple weeks ago from Ronkonkoma Beverage and we finally got around to drinking it.

Over the years, Tom and I have both tried our fair share of chocolate beers with mixed critiques. Some were too syrupy for our liking, while others didn't have enough of a chocolate taste to keep us drinking them. In conclusion there are A LOT of different chocolate beers out there and they all vary in quality.

Lucky for us, Rogue Ales offering was one of the better chocolate beers we've had.

When poured there was a huge amount of head, so we waited a minute or two before drinking. Like most chocolate beers, Rogue Double Chocolate Stout is dark brown in color to the point of almost appearing black. Its ABV is 8.00% so it has the alcohol content of about two beers.

The taste of this particular beer was very nice. At first the chocolate flavor was subtle and then a few sips later it was a lot more noticeable. The taste isn't overpowering in any regard and has just about the perfect balance between bitterness and chocolately goodness. The aroma of this beer is also very appetizing and helps in enjoying it even more.

Last but not least, Rogue Double Chocolate Stout is made with honey and their very own Pacman yeast. Now I have no idea what Pacman yeast is but I imagine it's something like this:

Bonus points for naming your yeast after an iconic video game character Rogue.

Overall, I liked Rogue Double Chocolate Stout. It's not my favorite chocolate beer (Young's Double Chocolate Stout and Southern Tier Choklat still hold that honor), but it is a good beer and definitely worth trying. 

A beer after work is always more enjoyable


  1. Yum..looks like we are going to have to do a taste test here.

    1. It's a good beer. Definitely try some with some friends and family!