Monday, September 9, 2013

Middle Ages Apricot Ale

Recently on her trip to Syracuse, New York, my friend Erica made a visit to the Middle Ages Brewery and picked up an assorted six-pack of the different beers they brew. I never heard of the Middle Ages Brewing Company before she mentioned them to me, let alone any of their beers. Trying one new beer is exciting enough for me, but six?! It's like a dream come true. The first beer of the six that I will be writing about is Middle Ages Apricot Ale.

Mmm apricots

Apricot Ale is just as you would imagine it being; a lightly carbonated, fresh and fruity beverage that was perfect to enjoy at the tail end of my summer. Just like the bottle it comes in, Middle Ages Apricot Ale pours a light orange color that is pleasing to the eye. The amount of carbonation was just right and gave this beer a head that wasn't too large or even worse, non-existent. The smell of apricots was enjoyable as I raised my glass to try a sip. 

Before I say whether or not Middle Ages Apricot Ale is "the bomb" as Jesse Pinkman would say, one side note: I've tasted a ton of different fruit beers with varying degrees of fruitiness. A lot of the companies brewing these beers seem to fall into the problem of making a beer that just tastes like a beer with a hint of fruit flavor. Luckily Apricot Ale doesn't fall into that category. 
Middle Ages Apricot Ale is delicious. It's a sweet beer, but not overly sweet. It's not as sweet as let's say a Starburst candy, but damn is it good. The tanginess sticks with you throughout the drinking experience. Apricot Ale is also a very light beer (4.4% ABV) so feel free to enjoy two or three in a night with little worries of drunken stupor. I know if I had more than one bottle I would have!

It reminded me of when I used to put a spoonful of Smuckers Apricot Preserve on my toast when I was younger. Middle Ages Apricot Ale is filled with delicious apricotty flavor and I would love to drink more of it again in the future.

Thank you for the delicious beer Erica and Middle Ages Brewing Co!!

Think this in beverage form

Apricot Ale was brewed by Middle Ages Brewing Company located in Syracuse, NY. It's the first Middle Age beer I've done a blog on.

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