Friday, March 1, 2013

Founders All Day IPA

Founders left an early St. Patrick's Day present at the door of local Long Island beer distributors this week--a beer that has never been available outside Founders headquarters state of Michigan until now. Founders All Day IPA has finally made its way to the eastern United States!

It seems like I've been waiting for this beer forever

Both St. James Beverage and Lake Ronkonkoma Beverage have gotten in this new Founders brew in the last couple of days. I picked up a six-pack after work yesterday and eagerly tried it with my brother and a few of our friends last night.

Before I get into the details I'll tell you one thing, Founders All Day IPA was definitely worth the wait and complimented the buffalo chicken pizza we ate perfectly.

Right after popping the bottle cap off my first ADIPA the first thing I noticed was how fresh the beer was. With IPAs especially, the fresher they are the better. The smell of All Day IPA reminded me of Double Trouble, with the perfect balance of fresh pine smell and citrus.

The first sip was perfect and my taste buds fell in love at first touch with this beautiful beverage. I was so eager I didn't even pour myself a glass, but instead drank it straight from the bottle. 

The grainy citrusy taste got better with each sip to the point where I looked down at my bottle and there was nothing left! I opened a new one soon after to recreate the ideal beer-drinking experience I just had. 
All Day IPA is the kind of beer that you drink with friends, while having a good time and not noticing how quickly you get through one. ADIPA doesn't distract from the good time at hand, but rather accompanies you on your night until the very end.

At an ABV of 4.7% it won't do any major damage to you and will ensure you have a good night (as long as you don't finish a whole six-pack by yourself!).

Founders All Day IPA is one of of my new favorite beers and takes everything I love about the other Founders IPAs and creates a more drinkable alternative. One thing's for sure, I'll be drinking ADIPA up until St. Patricks Day and even after that it will hold a special place in my beer fridge.

You've done it again Founders, you've done it again!

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