Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shipyard Mint Chocolate Stout

Cold weather to me could mean many things. A nice fire built in the fireplace, a marathon of a tv show we've been meaning to catch up on (in my case Homeland), finally beating those video games that we haven't had time to play and delicious dark and refreshing beer.

Last night as I cruised through half of season 2 of Homeland, I cracked open a bottle of beer that I had been saving for just a night: Shipyard's Mint Chocolate Stout.

After being disappointed by the somewhat lackluster Stone Collaboration Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout I decided to give Shipyard's brew a try. I was left with a much better taste in my mouth thanks to my favorite Maine brewer.

To start, Shipyard's Mint Chocolate Stout was frothy after being poured into my mug. Always a good thing. The first smell I noticed was a spearmint aroma with a hint of coffee.

The taste was that of chocolate with a mint aftertaste. Toasted malt and barley also came through, as well as some coffee flavors.

If you're expecting this beer to taste like a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream then you will walk away disappointed. I learned from my last experience to not hype up the beer too much and instead appreciate it for what it does well. In this case, a good chocolate stout with a slight mint flavoring.

At times while drinking Mint Chocolate Stout I felt overwhelmed with how strongly the beer smelled of mint. It was a little oversetting, but after getting used to it, the beer stuck with me as one of the better mint chocolate beers I have tried.

If you're looking for a new beer drinking experience and have a love of mints, look no further than Shipyard's Mint Chocolate Stout.

Mint Chocolate Stout was brewed in Maine by Shipyard and has an ABV of 9.0%. It is available in most beer stores although I picked up my bottle from Lake Ronkonkoma Beverage.

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