Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wild At Heart (Ommegang)

The Brewery Ommegang has been beefing up their beer catalog lately with the creation of new brews. Last year they released two Game of Thrones themed beers starting with a Belgian Pale Ale called Iron Throne and then following up with the oh so delicious Take the Black Stout, which I had the pleasure of drinking.

Ommegang, a brewery once known for five or six of their regularly brewed beers is now broadening their horizon. A new series of beers called the Brewmaster's Obsession Series is making its way to beer stores all across the United States.

The first beer that caught my interest was Wild At Heart, an American Wild Ale with sour notes.

To make an American Wild Ale you introduce "wild" yeast or bacteria into the beer during the brewing process. There are three different techniques for doing this and one involves using sour-mash techniques.

I'm a big fan of sour/fruit inspired beer and I can happily say that Wild At Heart provides a pleasant beer drinking experience. Amber in color, the beer poured with a good amount of head.

The aroma was that of sour fruits, including mango, pineapple and passion fruit. The taste was spectacular. Just like a wolf (such as the one on the front of the bottle) is drawn to fresh meat, I couldn't help myself and had to keep drinking Wild At Heart after taking the first sip.

Soo good

The beer had the perfect balance of sour and subtle fruit flavors and had a slightly tart aftertaste. I felt like the fruit was more noticeable in the smell while the taste was dominated more by the sourness. Wild At Heart isn't for everyone, especially those that don't like a sour taste with their beers. I however love sours so it was a great beer for me to enjoy.

Wild At Heart was brewed by Brewery Ommegang located in Cooperstown, NY. Its ABV is 8.0% and is available at most local beer shops. 

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