Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shipyard Melonhead

I always like to try new beers, especially of the fruit variety. I've had Blueberry Ale, Cherry, Black Raspberry Lambic, Coconut, etc. Some people would prefer to keep fruit out of their beer, but I welcome it with open arms. I love the taste of fruit normally so a fruit beer is always tempting for me to try.

While looking for a six-pack to pick-up at Lake Ronkonkoma Beverage on the way to my brother's place I came across something I've never seen before; a watermelon beer. The second I saw it, I thought to myself "Damn I have to try this." The picture on the bottle's label of a pseudo Ninja Turtle Watermelon headed Horseman also made my decision a lot easier.

Melonhead, brewed by Shipyard pours a light orange and didn't have much of a head right out of the bottle (maybe there should have been a headless watermelon horseman on the front).

It smelled like a combination of well, watermelon and beer. The taste is what really surprised me. I took a sip and was reminded of eating a watermelon candy. I had other people at my brother's try it as well and we all agreed on one thing; if the Jolly Rancher company made a drink based on their watermelon flavor this would be it. I also thought Japanese Melon soda.

While Melonhead is listed as a Spring beer on I think it's the perfect summer beer to enjoy among friends. I took my time enjoying each bottle and getting acquainted with the melon flavor of the beer.

This was one of the most out of the ordinary beer drinking experiences I've ever had, but one I'm glad I took the chance on. At 4.4% ABV Melonhead won't have a major effect on your dancing ability or overall confidence, but it's still a tasty beer. Give it a try!


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